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| Peter Kalivas |
Founding Artistic & Executive Director – PGK Project

My dance company is in danger of shutting down, because of a bill that congress is considering called the PRO Act. I’m creating jobs all year round for dancers, for choreographers, for teachers, for non-profit administrators, and for technical production assistants. With the PRO Act, all of those jobs absolutely, absolutely go away.

| Lauren Klafke |
Owner – Willow Creek Financial Services

If the PRO Act were to pass, it would put me in a really tight spot. It would not be great for my business. I feel like what the PRO Act is going to do is move the point of entry for financial independence.

| Jaime Gravitt |
Entrepreneur & Home Schooling Mom – Classical Conversations

I make more now than what I did teaching. If the PRO Act came, I would lose that freedom and all of the flexibility. It would really change what our family looks like.

| Sharita Jennings |

I’ve been able to expand my knowledge as an attorney because I’ve been able to take on projects with a variety of small business owners, as well as major corporations who need me… I have been really fortunate to have a variety of work and variety of experiences both abroad and at home that I wouldn’t have without this flexibility.

| Maggie Escalante |
Educator and Graphic Designer

I really want to take care of my family, teach my kids, and also bring in an income. Being an independent contractor allows that flexibility. There’s no other job like mine… because I created it.

| Terry Hurst |
Business Consultant

I’ve worked in multiple industries in the last 30 years as an independent contractor, including ride share, direct sales, and communications. I love the status as an independent contractor because I get to set my own hours and I get to be my own boss.

| Grant Knaus |
Small Business Owner

Being an independent contractor, is really key for me in getting more work. These opportunities give me a chance to earn a sustainable income while continuing to grow my business.


Sen. Rand Paul & AFP’s Tim Phillips: The PRO ACT undermines workers’ rights at the worst possible time