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Free speech is under attack.

Join the movement to protect the constitutional rights of all Americans.

The First Amendment protects and guarantees every American’s rights that are the foundation of our country:

  • Freedom of religion
  • Freedom of speech
  • Freedom of the Press
  • Right to peaceably assemble
  • Right to petition the government

These civil liberties belong to every American.

They guard the basic rights of Americans against government censorship and empower every person to take stands to drive progress.

Americans for Prosperity defends your First Amendment freedoms.

We protect the right of every American to speak their mind, come together in protest, report the news and access information, share diverse perspectives, and hold those in power to account.

And we still have work to do!

40% of Americans today report keeping quiet – holding back from expressing their true beliefs for fear of reprisal. By way of comparison, during the McCarthyism of the 1950s- only 13% of Americans reported self-censorship.

One-third of Americans say that they are personally worried about losing their jobs or missing out on career opportunities if they express their real political opinions.

American democracy is strongest when its citizens can think, speak, and work together freely to discover new solutions to the challenges facing our country.

Join us today as we build a movement of people from across the country to protect civil liberties and promote civil debate.

Defend free speech on college campuses

Free expression and academic freedom are the fundamental building blocks of the university. These freedoms clear the way for students and scholars to engage with new ideas and with each other. Both are essential for learning, debate, and discovery.

Protect protest rights

The right to protest our government is a hallmark of America. People have the right to peacefully and powerfully stand alongside others to express their beliefs.

Preserve people’s privacy

People shouldn’t have to choose between speaking out and staying safe. The ability to maintain privacy makes it possible for people to advocate for causes they believe in.

Freely express ideas online

Technology has made it possible for people – more than any time in human history — to say what they think and build an audience for their views. Applying the principles of free speech to the digital world allows people to fully realize the benefits of online innovations.

Exercise religious liberties

Freedom of belief, conscience, and religious exercise is vital to people’s ability to live out their beliefs and society’s chance to grow and thrive.

Cancel cancel culture

Free speech doesn’t begin and end with the First Amendment. Civil liberties protect people from government censorship. But other factors can silence people. For our country to meet and overcome the challenges it faces, we must embrace a culture willing to take on challenging discussions with courage and respect.