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Thank you, Governor Kemp, the General Assembly, and our Grassroots Activists

Jun 5, 2024 by AFP

As the 2024 Georgia General Assembly has officially wrapped up and Governor Kemp signed a variety of new legislation, Americans for Prosperity – Georgia (AFP-GA) is thanking the Governor and lawmakers who made this year’s legislative session a historic success that will be remembered for years to come.

Starting with our efforts over the past year to reform Certificate of Need (CON) laws, last fall, we participated in a field hearing in Savannah highlighting our perspective on how CON laws hurt Georgians. A month after the hearing, the Senate Study Committee on Certificate of Need Reform recommended a full repeal. We were pleased with these recommendations and encouraged for the 2024 legislative session, and how the full General Assembly would implement the proposals. 

At the start of the session in January, we urged the General Assembly to focus on pivotal policy reforms that would enhance the quality of life for Georgians across the Peach State. Looking back to January and what was accomplished since then, we are extremely satisfied. The 2024 legislative session saw substantial reforms that will increase access to health care around our state. HB 1339 does this by removing Certificate of Need barriers for new hospitals in rural counties, new substance abuse and psychiatric facilities, freestanding birth centers, and hospitals that had previously closed and are attempting to reopen.

The ability for freestanding birth centers to open without having to go through burdensome CON processes is a major achievement. Katie Chubb is one of AFP-GA’s social change entrepreneurs and a passionate advocate for empowering women and families looking for alternative birthing options outside of traditional hospital settings. Without Katie’s knowledge and commitment, freestanding birth centers may not have been included in HB 1339. She is a shining example of the power of grassroots advocacy and the impact that community involvement can have.

Another significant policy victory in the 2024 legislative session was education reform. With the Governor’s signature on SB 233, families and students now have better opportunities to attend a school that fits their needs. The support of the Governor throughout the legislative process provided a vital boost ensuring education reform moved across the finish line. As the Governor stated, “there are no more next years,” we are thankful 2024 was finally the year to fund students and not systems in the Peach State.

The final substantial policy victory from the 2024 legislative session was Governor Kemp signing occupational licensing reform. This bill creates new economic opportunities for blow-dry styling and makeup application services by exempting them from burdensome occupational licensing regulations. AFP-GA was an important voice in getting this bill across the finish line and connected entrepreneurs with lawmakers to share their stories. The transformative policy reforms of CON, education, and occupational licensing will continue to make the Peach State the best state in the country to live, work, and raise a family.

Lastly, in addition to Governor Kemp and lawmakers making the 2024 legislative session a great success, we also thank our dedicated grassroots volunteers who advocated at the Capitol, knocked on doors, and attended events. As SB 233 was going through the legislative process, AFP-GA activists knocked 39,000 doors. The policy wins we achieved together would not have been possible without their support. We look forward to continuing to partner with the Governor, lawmakers, and our grassroots leaders next session to continue building from the victories of the 2024 session.

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