Americans for Prosperity Press Release

AFP Applauds White House Workforce Mobility and Regulatory Innovation Progress

Jul 16, 2020 by AFP

Arlington, Va. – Americans for Prosperity commended the administration for the progress its initiative on Workforce Mobility and Regulatory Innovation has made to reform occupational licensing laws and reduce other regulatory barriers. The president today praised state lawmakers who had heeded the administration’s call to prioritize smart regulatory reform. The White House has also issued a series of executive orders that could help pave the way for a stronger economic recovery.

Erica Jedynak, Director of Economic Opportunity for Americans for Prosperity, issued the following statement:

“Cutting red tape and lowering barriers to meaningful work will help our country rebuild the economy stronger than before. We thank these state policy champions for working toward transformative licensing reforms that will make it easier for all people in every state to find meaningful work. Too often, unnecessary red tape holds people back from getting ahead – good jobs are harder to find, businesses are harder to start, and needed infrastructure is harder to build. AFP looks forward to continue working at the state and federal level to deliver innovative regulation that protects people from substantial harm without creating unnecessary barriers to prosperity.”

AFP also recently commended the president for issuing executive orders that will help provide regulatory relief (Executive Order 13924) and unleash infrastructure investment (Executive Orders 13927). The group also recommended to the administration additional regulatory actions it could take to help our country rebuild stronger, including reforms to NEPA, project labor agreements, and the Jones Act.