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“Grant Us Knowledge”: Pennsylvania’s podcast for knowing how policy is affecting everyday people in the commonwealth

Aug 3, 2020 by AFP

Public policy has incredible power to shape people’s lives. Bad public policy creates barriers that prevent people from realizing their potential, and Americans for Prosperity-Pennsylvania is committed to advocating solutions that empower everyone to overcome these barriers so they can contribute and succeed.

To achieve that goal, Americans for Prosperity-Pennsylvania has launched Grant Us Knowledge, a podcast that informs and empowers Pennsylvanians to get involved in state government policy issues. Hosted by Deputy State Director Grant Gulibon, Grant Us Knowledge features insights from top Americans for Prosperity policy analysts, activists, and the everyday practitioners who navigate the ins and outs of public policy and its impact on our lives, businesses, and communities.

Episode 6: What does the General Assembly have planned for Pennsylvania’s economic recovery?

Grant provides a rundown of the priorities and goals of the Pennsylvania General Assembly’s new legislative session. Joining him is House Majority Leader Kerry Benninghoff to discuss what lawmakers are doing to further our recovery from the pandemic, the governor’s budget proposal, and what health care reform could look like in the Keystone State. 

Episode 5: What would joining the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative mean for Pennsylvania?

Grant discusses why joining the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative would produce terrible outcomes for Pennsylvania jobs, energy prices, and businesses. Joining him is Americans for Prosperity Policy Fellow Clint Woods to talk about the regulatory nightmare RGGI would create for the commonwealth. Later, Rebecca Oyler, state legislative director with the National Federation of Independent Business-Pennsylvania, joins to map out the effects RGGI would have on businesses and low-income Pennsylvanians.

Episode 4: What has Americans for Prosperity been up to in Pennsylvania?

Grant provides a full rundown of the issues facing the commonwealth and why he is optimistic that Americans for Prosperity-Pennsylvania can push critical reforms across the finish line. Joining him is State Director Ashley Klingensmith to provide the details on what the General Assembly is debating in the final weeks of the session

Episode 3: How can Pennsylvania help families get their students back on track?

Grant speaks with guests about the impact COVID-19 has had on students’ education in Pennsylvania — and what lawmakers can do to provide greater educational opportunity for those affected by the pandemic. Joining Grant for this discussion are yes. every kid. Regional Director Carrie O’Rourke, state Representative Clint Owlett, and state Senator Judy Ward

Episode 2: What barriers to innovation and job creation stand in the way of Pennsylvanians?

Grant maps out Pennsylvania’s regulatory environment and how it’s affecting businesses and communities across the commonwealth. Martin Rodriguez, an Americans for Prosperity policy analyst, joins Grant to discuss creative legislative solutions making their way through the General Assembly. Later, Bob Fisher, founder of a leading civil engineering firm in Pennsylvania, joins to discuss how businesses and lawmakers can work together to craft a regulatory climate that helps people instead of hindering them.

Episode 1: Barriers to opportunity: independent contractor laws

Across the country, legislation such as California’s AB5 is popping up and hindering peoples’ ability to work as independent contractors. Joining Grant to explore this important issue are Erica Jedynak, director of economic opportunity with Stand Together, and Marilyn Costic, an independent contractor from western Pennsylvania.