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ICYMI: AFP Leads Coalition Calling on Congress to Pass One-Year Clean Extension of Farm Bill

Jun 11, 2018 by AFP

Arlington, VA – Americans for Prosperity Friday led a coalition of organizations urging Congress to pass a one-year, clean extension of the 2018 Farm Bill and use that time to draft a new package that includes meaningful reforms to both farm and nutrition programs. In a letter sent to members of Congress on Friday, the organizations called on lawmakers to restore fiscal sanity in Washington and eliminate the corporate welfare weighing down farm policy.


In the coalition letter, AFP Chief Government Affairs Officer Brent Gardner wrote:

To this point, the 2018 Farm Bill has been a huge missed opportunity. We urge members of Congress not to try to push through another terrible farm package this year. Instead, we urge lawmakers to pass a one-year, clean extension of the Farm Bill in order to go back to the drawing table and deliver the real market-friendly reforms and savings that American taxpayers deserve. We stand ready to work with any lawmaker who will champion such reforms.

AFP announced opposition to the House version of the Farm Bill (H.R. 2) in May and urged lawmakers to vote “No” on the legislation, calling on members to stop Washington’s extreme overspending by rejecting the blatant cronyism and wasteful spending.

Prior to the House vote that failed in May, AFP backed 13 amendments to H.R. 2 that would help modernize the agricultural safety net, minimize taxpayer risk and reduce wasteful spending. AFP key voted in support of the 3 amendments on that list that made it to the floor, but the legislation remains a missed opportunity for responsible and comprehensive reforms to the historically massive spending bill.


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