AFP-MN Releases Key Vote Letter Opposing HF 1684, House Transportation Omnibus Bill

Apr 15, 2021 by AFP

St. Paul, MN – Americans for Prosperity-Minnesota (AFP-MN) issued a key vote alert Wednesday urging House members to vote “No” on HF 1684, the House Transportation Omnibus Bill

Read the full Key Vote Letter here.

In the letter, Jason Flohrs, State Director for AFP-Minnesota expressed the following:

“Before asking Minnesota families for any more of their hard-earned money, lawmakers and the Governor must focus on critical reforms that will make current transportation dollars stretch farther in order to address targeted, high priority needs on our roads and bridges. The state already has enough resources – now it needs to put those dollars to use in a way that Minnesota taxpayers can know that they’re actually getting what they pay for. These reforms include implementing better financial controls and planning processes, cutting the unnecessary and overly burdensome red tape that slows projects and drives up costs, and unleashing the private sector to meet needs wherever possible. We also support continued vigilance in ensuring that constitutionally dedicated funds are spent properly – without leakages into other areas of the budget or into unnecessary extravagances.”


For further information or an interview, reach Jason Flohrs,