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Don’t believe Washington when it says no one’s talking about solutions to inflation

Aug 25, 2022 by AFP

There’s a talking point taking off around town in Washington, D.C. that no one’s talking about solutions to inflation and high gas prices, and no one has a plan to lower costs.

Responding to our ad holding lawmakers accountable for their support of the Inflation Reduction Act on Meet the Press, DCCC Chair Maloney tried to deflect the issue by arguing that no one had a real solution to inflation. You hear this a lot in Washington.

Don’t believe it — because nothing could be further from the truth.

Since the beginning of its True Cost of Washington Tour in April, Americans for Prosperity has been repping a comprehensive set of solutions that, if Congress implemented, would lower the cost of living in America immediately.

Here’s what we’ve been saying Congress needs to do all along:

  • Unleash energy abundance
  • Cut red tape that keeps prices high
  • Stop restricting housing supply
  • Beat inflation through better budgeting
  • Fuel the flexible workforce of tomorrow
  • Tackle rising costs through trade

Washington can also help get inflation under control by stopping its wasteful spending. And then help grow the economy by removing the barriers and unnecessary regulations that are so costly to Americans.

And yet the so-called “Inflation Reduction Act” would do none of these things. If Washington is worried there’s no plan for fixing our current economic crisis, it should start with the solutions we’ve listed here — solutions we’ve been sharing with everyday Americans all summer long during the True Cost of Washington Tour.

In fact, the reason AFP launched the tour was to draw attention to these solutions. If Washington missed them, it’s only because lawmakers would rather point fingers and play politics than pay attention.

But Americans aren’t buying Washington’s deflections: A poll conducted by Public Opinion Strategies earlier this year found 73% of Americans blamed the massive increase in government spending over the last two years for increasing prices.

Don't believe Washington's lie that there are no solutions for inflation. We have several of them right here.

Get the full details about AFP’s solutions for inflation.