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Join the True Cost of Washington Tour:

A grassroots movement to decrease the cost of living

Across the country, prices are rising on everything from gas to groceries and beyond. But rising with them is a new grassroots initiative to decrease the cost of living in America.

The True Cost of Washington Tour is a movement offering grassroots solutions to inflation and the out-of-control government spending that’s causing it.

It’s a movement meant to make life more affordable.

This summer, the Tour is stopping in more than 60 cities to connect people to the fact that this is Washington’s price hike: You’re paying more but getting less.

Together, we can convince Washington to end wasteful spending, unleash energy abundance, and ignite innovation.

Sixty-two percent of Americans think their family’s income is falling behind, and 83 percent of voters say they’re experiencing hardship due to increased prices.
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, real wages are down 2.6 percent in the last year.
$5.5kPer Household
On top of that, inflation is costing the average American household $460 per month – essentially an additional tax of more than $5,500 this year.

Inflation is a problem created by Congress spending and borrowing too much money, which devalues the money you have in your pocket.

That makes everything cost more.

Government policies are increasing gas prices due to less supply and more red tape.

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