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AFP-TX Responds to President Obama’s Campaign Visit

Austin, TX – Americans for Prosperity – Texas State Director Peggy Venable issued the following statement in response to President Obama’s campaign visit to Austin: “President Obama’s visit to Austin today is just another demonstration of how out of touch he is with the average American. In a time when unemployment continues to soar and […]


Denton’s Fracking Ban on the Ballot

October 13, 2014 J

The City of Denton is considering a ban on fracking.  Voters will decide in November if the city will ban the practice of hydraulic fracturing, a method of extracting gas from deep below the earth’s surface. The issue centers on who regulates oil and gas in the state.  Federal and state regulations currently apply, and […]

$6.3 Billion Surprises on the November Ballot

October 09, 2014

In addition to electing a new Texas governor, lieutenant governor and other officials, Texans will consider  $6,337,145,581 —that’s right, over $6.3 billion — in new local debt when they go to the polls in November.  Actually, early voting starts Oct 20 and runs through Oct 31. Few Texans realize that 87 local bond initiatives – […]

Poor SAT Scores Beg the Need for Education Reform

October 08, 2014

By Peggy Venable This week, the College Board released data which revealed the Class of 2014 posted some of the lowest SAT scores in more than 20 years.  The national reading scores averaged 497; Texans averaged 476. National math scores were 513; Texans averaged 495. National writing scores were 487 while Texans earned 461. Reading […]

Teachers Will Earn More with School Choice

September 25, 2014 J

We have been frustrated that only half the Education dollars get directed to the classrooms, and teachers earn only a fraction of that. TPPF has done a study of teacher pay when school choice is available to parents and kids. Then good teachers will be in demand and their pay will increase. Here is an […]

It’s Constitution Day!

September 17, 2014 J

We the People of the United States… It’s the supreme law of the land.  Written in the 18th century, the US Constitution was meant to serve generations to come as the principles the Founders articulated transcend both time and technology. The document wasn’t written to be placed on the shelf but to live in the […]