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AFP Announces Major Eight-Figure Campaign to Tell Joe Biden We’ve Had Enough of Bidenomics

Mar 4, 2024 by AFP

Campaign Features – The Website Joe Biden Doesn’t Want You to See

Arlington, VA – Americans for Prosperity has launched a sustained new eight-figure campaign focused on Bidenomics just in time for President Biden’s State of the Union address this Thursday. – the website Joe Biden doesn’t want you to see – will serve as a real-time resource for the truth on Bidenomics, up to date information about the economy, and fact checks of Biden’s latest misleading rhetoric on the economy. clip 3.png

WATCH: “The Website Biden Does Not Want You to See”

As the Biden Administration tours the country trying to convince people that Bidenomics is working, AFP is throwing significant weight behind its accountability efforts to define the true impact of Bidenomics and force lawmakers to own their support of it. The major campaign will begin with a Beltway ad blitz that includes physical ads at metro stops around the Capitol, mobile billboards and digital targeting in advance of the State of the Union. The campaign will run through the fall and also include grassroots events across the country, digital and mail outreach, and door knocking and phone calls to hold key lawmakers accountable and provide Americans with the truth.

In addition to real time fact-checking through, the eight-figure effort this year will spotlight the harmful impact of Biden’s costly economic mistakes and the truth about the White House spin on the economy through a new round of ads on digital and connected TV airing across 5 key Senate states, 26 key Congressional districts, and Washington, D.C.

Bidenomics campaign clip.png

WATCH: “American Dream”

Under the Biden Administration, Americans are paying more and getting less. In the last four years, reckless spending has driven the national debt past $34 trillion – more than $258,000 of debt per household – and Americans’ purchasing power has declined as families have seen the prices of goods and services rise much faster than their income. Prices are now 17.9% higher and the average household is paying $11,400 more each year just to maintain the same quality of life as when President Biden took office.

AFP Vice President of Government Affairs Akash Chougule said:

“President Biden will try to paint a rosy picture about Bidenomics in his State of the Union this week, but it’s no use pretending high prices are someone else’s fault. The reality is that everything costs more due to President Biden’s big government spending binge. President Biden and his allies in Congress flooded the economy with more than $5 trillion and now Americans are paying thousands more each year just to make ends meet. The White House is telling Americans not to believe their checkbooks, but AFP is committed to calling out Bidenomics for what it is and turning up the heat on those responsible. It’s time to tell Joe Biden and his allies in Congress that we’ve had enough of Bidenomics.”

Just last week, AFP released an initial accountability effort calling out Biden’s runaway spending train and the lawmakers who have played a key role in advancing the Bidenomics agenda. Watch “Runaway Train” HERE.

Visit us at for live fact checks during this week’s State of the Union address and to learn more about the truth of Bidenomics.