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Net Neutrality is Bidenomics for the Internet

Apr 24, 2024 by AFP

Arlington, Va. – The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is expected to vote tomorrow to restore Obama-era internet regulations known as “Net Neutrality.” The regulations reclassify internet providers (ISPs) as a utility under Title II regulations of the Communications Act and apply that classification to wireless data. Previously, ISPs were regulated under less restrictive Title I rules.

Americans for Prosperity senior policy analyst James Czerniawski issued the following statement:

“The FCC’s vote to restore Net Neutrality is a net loss for Americans. Net neutrality is Bidenomics for the web – an expensive government takeover of the internet that would increase costs, limit choice, and stifle innovation. Despite claims that the world would end without these burdensome internet rules, the contrary occurred. Since 2017, internet speeds have increased, prices have gone down, and consumers have more options than ever before. Rather than bringing back a partisan scheme that makes our internet worse, the FCC should be focused on restoring its spectrum authority and working to close the digital divide.”

To learn more, read, “The FCC’s Groundhog Day: The mistake of bringing back net neutrality.”

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