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AFP-PA Responds to Governor’s Budget Address; Calls on Corbett to Champion Paycheck Protection

February 04, 2014 J,

HARRISBURG – Americans for Prosperity Pennsylvania, the Commonwealth’s largest grassroots organization, is releasing the following statement in response to Governor Corbett’s 2014-15 budget address from earlier today. “AFP-PA is in solidarity with Governor Corbett as he attempts to tackle pension reform, liquor privatization and a merit based education system. However, none of these reforms are […]

Americans for Prosperity Pennsylvania Reacts to Union Rally Against Paycheck Provisions

January 28, 2014 J

HARRISBURG – Americans for Prosperity Pennsylvania is releasing the following statement in response to today’s rally by union members asserting their opposition to proposed legislation in the Pennsylvania legislature that would stop the state government from collecting union dues from public sector members. “The unions may try to bully their way around the issue but […]

AFP: Pennsylvania Should Steer Clear of ObamaCare

December 20, 2013 J,

HARRISBURG – Americans for Prosperity Pennsylvania is citing a recent Wall Street Journal piece detailing problems with state-established ObamaCare exchanges as evidence that the Commonwealth should continue to steer clear of the failed and flailing healthcare law, including the expansion of Medicaid. AFP-Pennsylvania State Director Jennifer Stefano released the following statement: “ObamaCare is on life […]

Americans for Prosperity-Pennsylvania Targets Entire PA Congressional Delegation in One Day Activist Blitz

December 10, 2013 J,

AFP-PA launched a statewide early morning phone chain to activists to begin calls into Congressional offices to stop the Ryan budget deal. Americans For Prosperity-Pennsylvania, the state’s largest free market organization, has activated its vast grassroots army in Pennsylvania to begin making calls into the district offices of their Congressmen in order to stop the […]

Americans for Prosperity Pennsylvania Encourages Taxpayers to Speak Out Against Corbett’s Medicaid Expansion Plan

December 06, 2013 J,

HARRISBURG – Americans for Prosperity Pennsylvania is responding to today’s announcement that the Department of Public Welfare will be holding a series of events and webinars to receive public feedback on Governor Corbett’s Medicaid Expansion plan. “As long as Corbett’s Healthy PA Plan includes taking ObamaCare Medicaid dollars to add up to 1 million new […]