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All in the Family

October 09, 2014

Americans for Prosperity Highlights Hagan Family Cronyism RALEIGH – Sen. Hagan voted for a trillion-dollar stimulus bill that left North Carolina taxpayers in debt and without jobs. Meanwhile her family members were lining their wallets with stimulus funds to the tune of almost $400,000. Does Senator Hagan think it’s appropriate for her family to profit […]

WatchdogWire: Are Democrats Suppressing Conservative Voters?

October 07, 2014

An article in today’s Watchdog Wire put the spotlight on efforts in North Carolina to suppress Americans for Prosperity’s voter registration effort. The article drew attention to a recent email by North Carolina Democratic Party chairman Randy Voller, who said: “We need your help to fight this legal battle to ensure groups like Americans for […]

President Obama Is On The Ballot In North Carolina

October 07, 2014

Will Senator Hagan Finally Own Her Support for President’s Policies? RALEIGH – Americans for Prosperity today drew attention to President Obama’s recent speech, in which he admitted that his policies are on the ballot in major U.S. Senate races like North Carolina. While Senator Hagan has avoided associating herself with the President and his policies on the […]

Will Kay Hagan Wish ObamaCare Happy Birthday?

October 02, 2014 J

Americans for Prosperity Highlights Anniversary with Forecasts of New Plan Cancellations RALEIGH – Americans for Prosperity issued the following issue brief on the one-year anniversary of the Affordable Care Act’s rollout, asking Senator Hagan once more: what are you doing to protect your constituents from what is expected to be another rocky year for the […]