Legislative Alerts

Urge Your Senator to Stand with Hoosier Tax Dollars

March 26, 2015

House Bill 1273, Marion County Economic Development, would allow for state taxpayer financing of a new soccer stadium in Indianapolis which according to public accounts is estimated to cost at least $84 million. Current facilities and resources would be better utilized to meet the growing demand of the Indy Eleven soccer team rather than obligating […]

Help Put an End to Government Mandated Wages

February 09, 2015

Right now in Indiana, public construction projects funded with state and local funds often cost much more than necessary due to a bureaucratic process that mandates the wages contractors must pay their workers . This ultimately limits competition and leads to our tax dollars being wasted perhaps by the tens of millions. How is this […]

Action Alert: Fight the EPA with the RASP Act

January 21, 2015

The Obama Administration’s EPA is trying to take over our energy here in Indiana. It’s proposing new rules on carbon emissions that will result in higher energy prices and fewer jobs. Thankfully our state lawmakers can do something about it. They can pass legislation that prohibits the state from implementing the EPA’s plan until all […]

Action Alert: Eliminate Government Mandated Wages

January 12, 2015

Right now in Indiana construction wages for publicly funded projects are often artificially higher than fair market value, limiting competition and wasting our tax dollars. How is this happening? It’s called the Common Construction Wage. The Common Construction Wage is determined when government bureaucrats and union bosses get together and set the price we as […]

Insight to Action: How Do You Talk to Your Friends About the Negative Impact of ObamaCare?

October 01, 2014

We all know the Affordable Care Act was a failed attempt at reforming the healthcare system.  Now we must properly message the dangers of the healthcare overhaul to our friends, family, and local community. Join us on Thursday, October 9th, as Avik Roy, Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute and Opinion Editor at Forbes, explains […]