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New AFP Ad: Time to Fire Mark “No Regrets” Udall

October 15, 2014

Online Ad Hits Senator Udall for Voting 99% with President Obama DENVER – Americans for Prosperity has released a hard-hitting ad calling on Coloradans to fire Senator Udall for blindly voting with President Obama against their interests. AFP’s new ad focuses on Senator Udall’s 99% voting record with President Obama and support for policies such […]

Mark Udall Opposes The Keystone Pipeline

October 09, 2014

Americans for Prosperity Highlights Udall’s Keystone Position DENVER – Americans for Prosperity today drew attention to Senator Udall’s most recent statement on the Keystone pipeline, showing that he stands with President Obama rather than Colorado. His latest comments, expressing concern that the science is not complete (it is), conflict with his statement just three days earlier in […]

Name One More Vote, Please, Senator Udall

October 06, 2014

Americans for Prosperity: Udall Shows that He is Not Colorado’s Independent Senator DENVER — Americans for Prosperity is highlighting Senator Udall’s Sunday interview on KDVR as proof that he is not the independent he claims to be and should be voted out this fall. During the course of the interview, Eli Stokols pressed Senator Udall, who has voted 99% of […]

Shot and Chaser: Senator Udall Should Be Judged by What He Does

October 02, 2014 J

DENVER – Americans for Prosperity responded to a statement Senator Udall made today on an MSNBC interview, claiming that politicians should be judged by their actions. AFP noted that Senator Udall’s actions include voting with the President 99 percent of the time and trying to hide the embarrassment of ObamaCare plan cancellations in Colorado. “It’s ironic for […]