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West Virginia Values

Policies Sen. Manchin Has Promised to Oppose

Ask Sen. Joe Manchin to be The Voice West Virginia Needs In D.C. — Reject Washington’s Partisan Agenda

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Big government politicians in Washington are pushing one-sided ideas that will harm our citizens, erode our freedoms, and set our state back. We shouldn’t let that happen.  Senator Manchin is in a unique position to hold the line for our West Virginia values. Senator Manchin has already promised to stop some bad, partisan policies from hurting West Virginia and our country. So far, he’s promised to:

Policies Joe Manchin Should Promise to Oppose

There are a lot of policy threats coming from the bad idea factory known as Washington, D.C. We need Sen. Manchin to be the voice the Mountain State needs in order to stop these top-down, harmful policies from becoming the law of the land.