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Trade Builds Virginia

Building Partnerships to Support Trade

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We Help Promote Trade Across Virginia

Trade Builds Virginia is working to highlight the importance of trade to Virginia by bringing together state business and community leaders across industries to build an enduring network of trade leaders.

Our Partners

We work in partnership with the Virginia Manufacturers Association, the Virginia Trucking Association, and the Virginia Hispanic Chamber. Together, we can help strengthen the support for trade among policymakers and community leaders across our state

We Help Virginia Businesses Tell Their Trade Story

We help tell the stories of how Virginia businesses, farmers, and workers are benefitting from trade and using it to grow and hire

“International trade is a powerful economic engine for our Commonwealth. Maintaining Virginia’s position as the best state to do business and ensuring that all regions of the Commonwealth can participate in our economic growth requires that we boost our international trade." – Virginia Governor Ralph Northam

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What We Do

The story of trade’s role in helping Virginia’s small businesses thrive is best told by the men and women who’ve seen it first-hand. That’s why we’ve collected the stories of business owners and their employees who rely on trade to grow and prosper. We share these stories to ensure that lawmakers and the public understand how trade helps businesses grow and hire.

We want to build a sustainable network of long-term allies on trade who can speak out when beneficial trade policies are threatened and mobilize to support new trade opportunities on the horizon. Join us by sharing your story, attending an event or helping in our efforts to engage lawmakers.

By working together, across industries and communities throughout Virginia, we can better educate Virginia lawmakers about trade’s impact on job creation, supply chains, emerging industries and business growth.

Virginia businesses are the backbone of our economy and trade has long been a cornerstone of Virginia’s economic strength. The jobs and economic return derived from these are more important than ever as we rebound from COVID-19. Our businesses grow as demand in our economy grows, but they cannot rely on U.S. customers alone. 95 percent of the world’s customers are overseas and small businesses across the Commonwealth rely on access to those customers through trade.

Click Here to See Our Letter to the US Trade Representative

How Trade Powers Virginia’s Economy

Overall Annual Exports: $18.4 billion
Trade Dependent Jobs: Over 963,000
Largest Export Market: Canada
Manufacturing Exports: $15.2 billion
Businesses that Export: 7,250
Agricultural Exports: $1 billion

Small Businesses
Over 6,100 Virginia small businesses export to help expand their customer base and increase overall sales and profits. Jobs supported by goods exports pay up to an estimated 18 percent higher wages.

From soybeans to fruits to poultry, the ag products Virginia farmers produce are sold around the world. Virginia’s farmers and state businesses depend on open, predictable markets across the globe for thier exports.

Trade provides Virginia consumers with lower prices and more choices. Average consumers gain an estimated 29 percent of their purchasing power from trade.

Workers in manufacturing companies that produce exports earn wages 12 to 18 percent higher. Virginia’s manufacturing exporters depend on trade to continue the tremendous growth this sector has seen.