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An AFP activist holds up a sign urging Washington to stop the spending spree at an End Washington Waste event in Dallas

How you can Stop the Spending Spree and help protect the American way of life

Sep 23, 2021 by AFP

Logo for Americans for Prosperity's End Washington Waste: Stop the Spending Spree campaign

The Biden-Sanders $3.5 trillion reconciliation package is a wasteful spending spree of long-standing partisan priorities that would bring the federal government into the middle of our everyday lives and fundamentally alter the trajectory of our country for the worse.

President Biden and Senator Sanders need complete party unity to pass their spending package, and they’re in disarray following mounting concerns from Americans on the harms of several provisions of the bill and abstentions from key lawmakers.

AFP is doubling down on its robust national grassroots campaign with a new multi-million dollar buy arguing the bill leads to government control of our everyday lives and the harms that come with it:

Your support in getting our message out is essential in helping STOP the Biden-Sanders spending spree.

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Captions for “Government control is NOT our future”:
  • Washington doesn’t get it. They want to spend trillions to replace personal freedom with government control. This isn’t what America needs. Act now to stop it!
  • From health care to the economy, President Biden and Senator Sanders want to completely re-write the American way of life. It’s time to stop the spending spree and stand for personal freedom.
  • Americans have worked hard to recover from the pandemic – they don’t need a $3.5 trillion takeover of their lives from Washington. Call your lawmakers and tell them to stop the spending spree!
Captions for “Congress Can’t Risk Inflation”
  • Families across America are feeling the pinch of rising prices. Congress can’t risk making it worse with the $3.5 trillion Biden/Sanders spending spree. Tell your lawmakers to put a stop to it.
  • Prices are rising everywhere, from the gas pump to the grocery store. Lawmakers in Washington could make it worse if they pass the Biden/Sanders spending spree. Act now to stop it!
  • For the first time in years, inflation is a serious danger to hardworking Americans across the country. Congress can’t afford to make it worse with a giant spending spree. Call your lawmakers now.

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