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A screen shot from AFP's ad calling on Congress to end unfair billing by making Medicare payments site neutral.

New Ad Urges Congress to End Unfair Billing in Medicare

Nov 29, 2023 by AFP

Ad part of AFP’s new six-figure push to pass legislation that would enact site neutral payment policies in Medicare.

Arlington, Va. – Today, Americans for Prosperity announced the release of a new ad urging lawmakers on Capitol Hill to end unfair billing in Medicare by enacting site neutral payment reform.

“Why does Medicare pay hospital doctors more than independent doctors for the exact same service?” asks a narrator. “No one should pay more for health care based on where they get it.”

The 30 second ad, which will air on digital platforms and connected TV in the DC metro area, directs viewers to where they can send their member of Congress a letter encouraging them to make Medicare payments site neutral.


Under current law, Medicare pays significantly higher reimbursements to hospital-owned facilities – as much as 217% more – than independent physician practices and other outpatient facilities for the exact same services, including chemotherapy, cardiac imaging, and colonoscopies. This creates a financial incentive for large hospital chains to merge with outpatient facilities, resulting in higher reimbursements from Medicare, but at the expense of patients and taxpayers.

The Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget estimates that implementing “site-neutral payments,” or laws that ensure all hospital-owned facilities are reimbursed at the same level as independent doctors, would save taxpayers over $117 billion in ten years and reduce premiums and cost-sharing for Medicare beneficiaries by $94 billion.

“It’s anticompetitive and unfair to both patients and taxpayers for Medicare to pay hospital doctors more than independent doctors,” said Dean Clancy, senior health policy fellow at Americans for Prosperity. “Enacting site neutral payments in Medicare will help end unfair billing in health care, which means lower costs, more provider options, and fewer surprise bills for people and their families. We urge Congress to come together and pass this solution as soon as possible.”


Ending unfair billing in health care is part of AFP’s Personal Option initiative to help patients and families access more affordable options. Find out more at

Earlier this year, AFP ran digital ads promoting site neutral payment reforms in 56 congressional districts, led a coalition letter that more than 20 organizations and experts signed onto, and released a poll showing that close to 70% of Americans believe that independent doctors should be reimbursed the same amount that hospital-employed doctors get.

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