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Americans for Prosperity-Florida Releases 2022 Legislative Scorecard

Jun 29, 2022 by AFP

Scorecard distinguishes lawmakers who supported legislative solutions that created more opportunities for Floridians

TALLAHASSEE, FL — Americans for Prosperity-Florida (AFP-FL) today unveiled its 2022 Florida Legislative Scorecard, highlighting the state’s elected officials who championed solutions that will create more opportunity for all Floridians while standing up against harmful public policy change.

The scorecard serves as a tool for activists, the media, and the general public to learn how each senator and representative voted on key issues in the 2022 legislative session – holding them accountable for their decisions. The scorecard is meant to keep Floridians informed on how their lawmakers have served their interests over the past year.

Including members of the Florida Senate and House, 31 legislators received a grade of A+; 72 received a grade of A; 35 received a grade of B; 17 received a grade of C; 3 received a grade of D; and 2 received a grade of F. For lawmakers who received an A+, AFP-FL will be actively highlighting them on the ground and on social media.

Our legislative scorecard serves as an integral source of information for all Floridians,” said Skylar Zander, AFP-FL State Director. “By communicating the support – or lack thereof – from legislators on the policies that impact Floridians the most, we can help the public understand which lawmakers have fought to empower them to realize their potential, help others, and achieve their vision of the American dream.”

AFP-FL works to build a society where all people are empowered to succeed, and this can only come through transparency. Zander said the legislative scorecard applauds those who fight against bad public policy while proposing and supporting solutions that break down barriers to individual success for all Floridians.


Scoring is calculated on a formula consisting of one point for each “aye” vote on a bill that AFP supported and one point for each “nay” vote on a bill that AFP opposed. The grading scale resembles a report card — an A being awarded to those with 90-99 points, a B to those with 80-89, and so on. Grades are displayed for each legislator on the scorecard, accompanied by their party affiliation and district.