Americans for Prosperity Applauds Governor Reeves For Signing Bill To Help Skilled Professionals Relocate To Mississippi

Mar 25, 2021 by AFP

JACKSON, MS — Americans for Prosperity-Mississippi (AFP-MS) today applauded Governor Reeves for signing into law House Bill 1263, the Universal Occupational License Reciprocity bill. The bill, authored by Representative Becky Currie, allows for an easier method of transferring a professional license to Mississippi upon the individual becoming a resident.

Mississippi is now only one of five states to have similar laws on the books.

AFP-MS State Director Steven Utroska issued the following statement:

The signing of this bill makes it easier for working Americans to continue providing for their families upon moving to Mississippi. This bill encourages more people to bring their skills to Mississippi and call this great state home. We applaud Governor Reeves for quickly signing this bill into law, and we look forward to the positive economic impact it will have on our state.”


Last year’s Mississippi military member or spouse licensing bill allowed either a member of the military or their spouse an easier process to obtain a professional license in Mississippi if they already held the same professional license in another state. The bill became the standard for the Department of Defense to use in other states for military members and spouses allowing them an easier transition as they transfer from state to state for military purposes.

Mississippi lawmakers built upon the success of the military licensing bill by applying the same benefit to any worker who relocates to Mississippi and becomes a resident of the state. A similar bill passed in Arizona two years ago, and has positively helped over 3,000 individuals in that state.

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