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AFP’s Sarah Field Issues Statement from Day One of Kavanaugh Hearing

Sep 4, 2018 by AFP

ARLINGTON, Va. – Americans for Prosperity Vice President of Judicial Strategy Sarah Field attended day one of Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing. At its close, she issued the following statement:

“Today we saw an unprecedented attempt from Judge Kavanaugh’s opponents to distract from and delay his Supreme Court confirmation. Following this disappointing display, many on the committee spoke to the unfortunate politicization of the Supreme Court nomination process, and in their opening remarks, voiced a desire for this week’s proceeding to focus on vetting Judge Kavanaugh’s extensive judicial record. We join committee members in that call.

“Supreme Court hearings should focus on the proper role of courts, ensuring that the next justice will interpret the law as written, and not write the law. The Senate Judiciary Committee has an eminently qualified judge sitting before them this week. I’m confident that the Senate will discover that Judge Kavanaugh fits the mold of a jurist who will call balls and strikes, rather than seek to advance policy from the bench.”

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