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AFP Returns Support to Pivotal Drug Sentencing Reform

Dec 17, 2019 by AFP

COLUMBUS, OH—Americans for Prosperity-Ohio (AFP-OH) today announced it will return its support for Senate Bill 3– pivotal criminal justice reform legislation that tackles drug sentencing—following the withdrawal of counterproductive amendment to the bill.  Previously, AFP-OH utilized its grassroots activists, direct-mail, and digital advertisements to encourage lawmakers to pass this meaningful reform that seeks to lower the human and monetary costs of Ohio’s criminal justice system.

AFP-OH State Director Micah Derry issued the following statement:

“We’re encouraged to see the speedy reconsideration of the most egregious amendment to Senate Bill 3. While there are still several damaging amendments that were adopted, we look forward to working through the committee process to enhance SB3 to be the most impactful bill possible. Hopefully the committee will act swiftly to pass SB3 upon its return in 2020 as Ohio’s families continue to feel the repercussions of harsh sentencing laws that do not fit certain crimes.”