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AFP-KS Applauds Final Passage of Civil Asset Forfeiture Bill to Increase Transparency, Urges Governor to Sign into Law

Apr 8, 2024 by AFP

TOPEKA, KS—Last year, Americans for Prosperity Foundation-Kansas (AFPF-KS) released an updated report analyzing civil asset forfeiture data in the state, underscoring the need for major reforms to ensure the law protects people’s property without overreaching and unconstitutional confiscation.

With the historic final passage garnering unanimous votes in both chambers of SB 458, AFP-KS says that greater transparency will be brought into the future process when handling property seized by Kansas law enforcement.

AFP-KS Deputy State Director, Jon Lueth, made the following statement:

“We’re thrilled to see this legislation passed to ensure that law enforcement does not act in an excessive way when it comes to seized property, which all too often is never recovered by the owner.

“We hope this law will strengthen transparency, afford due process, and protect Fourth Amendment rights to Kansans facing seized assets. Americans for Prosperity-KS calls on Governor Kelly to urgently sign this bill into law and correct this longstanding issue.”