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VICTORY: Americans for Prosperity-Kansas Celebrates Civil Asset Forfeiture Reforms Becoming Law

Apr 24, 2024 by AFP

TOPEKA, KS—Following Kansas’ premier grassroots organization’s four year-long effort to advocate for changes to the legal system that failed to protect people’s property without overreaching and unconstitutional confiscation of assets, Americans for Prosperity-Kansas (AFP-KS) is celebrating SB 458 becoming law.

AFP-KS said the law will ensure improved transparency when handling property seized by Kansas law enforcement. Thanks to AFP Foundation’s report identifying major areas for improvement under the state’s civil asset forfeiture practices, many Kansans were informed about the broken system that was failing to protect people’s property.

AFP-KS Deputy State Director, Jon Lueth, made the following statement:

“Kansans can rejoice knowing that their property rights are secure and due process is protected in our state. With SB 458 going into law, innocent Kansans have a fighting chance to not only get their property returned if seized, but not have their property taken in the first place. Kansas has gone from having a D- in protecting its citizens to an A, and we’re thankful for legislators who fought for these transparent reforms.”