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Americans for Prosperity Press Release

AFP-TX Launches Record-Breaking Grassroots Recruitment Push 

Apr 22, 2024 by AFP

AUSTIN, TX – Americans for Prosperity – Texas (AFP-TX) and The LIBRE Initiative – Texas today began a multi-year, recruitment and coalition-building campaign that aims to add over 100,000 people to its activist base in preparation for the 2025 Texas legislative session – the single largest campaign of its kind in state history.

Over the next 18 months, the “Freedom is Bigger in Texas” campaign will work to identify over 500,000 constituents who share AFP-TX’s vision for Texas and America, and gather over 10,000 signatures in support of each of the campaign’s seven key policy areas that will comprise the organization’s 2025 legislative agenda:

  1. School choice
  2. Border security
  3. Housing and zoning reform
  4. Personal option for Texas health care
  5. TX energy dominance
  6. Economy and tax reform
  7. Regulatory reform

Over 1,000 “Freedom is Bigger in Texas” events across the state will highlight the federal government’s continual bombardment and overreach into Texas and emphasize the special ingredients that make Texas exceptional: freedom, opportunity, and prosperity.

AFP-TX state director, Genevieve Collins, gave the following statement:

“Texans understand what it means to fight for freedom. Now, the liberty and prosperity that we enjoy are under threat from a federal government that’s trying to crush our spirit. We’re going to fight back by recruiting more people to our cause and giving Texans more of what they want – more Texas. 

“This is our rallying cry to keep the American Dream alive in the Lone Star State. Freedom, opportunity and prosperity are what Texas stands for and we will ensure more Texans join our cause.” 

Raul Espinoza, Texas Strategic Director for The LIBRE Initiative, said: 

“Despite considerable headwinds from Washington, Texas is thriving and prospering.

“But if we want to make sure that Texas remains a beacon of freedom, it is absolutely critical that every single Texan – including Texas’ growing Latino community – make their voice heard and fight for our right to pursue happiness and live out our version of the American Dream.

“LIBRE is proud to join AFP in this campaign and look forward to mobilizing our grassroots army of volunteers and activists to remind everyone why freedom is bigger in Texas!”

As the largest and most influential grassroots organization in the state, AFP-TX has the unique capacity to build consensus around policy solutions, mobilize Texans, and swing public opinion momentum to encourage lawmakers to be champions for freedom. AFP-TX will hone these capabilities over the coming months in preparation for a transformative legislative session.