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Americans for Prosperity Press Release

AFP on President Biden Ditching Drug Price Caps

Apr 28, 2021 by AFP

Arlington, Va. – Americans for Prosperity weighed in today on President Biden’s expected remarks on health care in his upcoming address to the nation.

In his speech this evening, the president will reportedly not call for capping the price of prescription drugs as part of his American Families Act. However, the president will reportedly request another $200 billion to permanently extend taxpayer subsidies that go to insurers that offer health plans through the ACA.

Americans for Prosperity Senior Health Policy Fellow Dean Clancy issued the following statement:

“The president’s decision to walk away from a government takeover of prescription drugs is a clear signal that Congress should do the same. The White House and Congress should also understand that permanently extending ACA subsidies won’t make health care more affordable – it will only shift costs from patients to taxpayers while helping insurers get fat. The best way to drive down costs and increase access to quality care and life-saving drugs is through a personal option that gives patients and the doctors they trust greater control over health care.”

Last week, AFP announced that it will educate Americans in districts across the country about the dangers of H.R. 3, legislation that would allow Washington to cap the price of drugs, and why lawmakers should instead work together in bipartisan fashion to create a personal option for prescription drugs.

Earlier this year, AFP highlighted the enormous cost associated with expanding taxpayer subsidies for ACA plans. These subsidies amount to a bailout for large insurance companies, and, according to the nonpartisan Galen Institute, will benefit Americans earning as much as half a million dollars each year.

Read more in Dean Clancy’s op-ed in Real Clear Health: Why Is Congress Giving Health Insurance Subsidies to People Who Don’t Need Them?

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