A Personal Option For Health Care

Greater Access to Better Care at a Price You Can Afford

Our Vision

More Affordability. Greater Access. Better Quality.

American health care is some of the best in the world, but the current system is plagued by bureaucracy, insecurity, and hidden prices.

It treats insurance companies and the government like they’re the customers.

That’s a problem.

Fortunately, we have a solution, a “Personal Option.” A Personal Option is a commonsense alternative to plans like the public option that put government in complete control.

A Personal Option gives you the choice and control you want, the affordability you need, the quality you deserve, from the medical professionals you trust.

Our Beliefs

We believe all Americans deserve:

How You Can Help

Doubling down on the failed status quo through a government takeover of health care would only make things worse. Instead, we need reforms that make health care work better for every American.

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More Affordability

Too many families struggle to afford needed care and coverage. And tragically, many – even some seniors on Medicare – go bankrupt from high medical bills.

Those pushing a government takeover of health care tout their plan as “free” to the customer, but nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, it would cost trillions of dollars every year and lead to higher taxes.

Government-run health care would abolish private insurance companies that already insure 170 million Americans.

Instead of a government monopoly that we know will fail, let’s use some common sense – keep what works in the current system while fixing what’s broken.

Greater Access

When you need health care the last thing you want to hear is, “Get in line and wait your turn.”

Sadly, that’s the way it is for people in countries with government-run health care, who endure bureaucratic rationing and long wait-lists due to shortages of personnel, equipment, and therapies.

Tragically, the burden falls heaviest on the most vulnerable: the sick, the elderly, and people with chronic medical conditions.

Access to a waiting list is not access to care.

A personal option goes in a different direction, offering new and innovative ways to expand health care access through more choice and control for patients and medical professionals:

Better Quality

Elderly Couple Walking Holding Hands

American medicine is the best in the world, but not everyone gets the level of care they need.

That’s because government limits what health care providers can offer – including basics like beds and ventilators – and can even deny them from entering an area to offer their services. There are also limits on technologies like telehealth that let patients see a doctor over the internet, how much care nurse practitioners and others can provide, and the ability of doctors and nurses to work in another state. And government is too slow to approve new life-saving drugs and therapies.

Lifting these barriers would allow health care providers and medical professionals to better meet the needs of patients. Fewer limits on medical services means better quality care!


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