AFP: Lawmakers Should Protect Floridians from Government Controlled Health Care

Feb 4, 2021 by AFP

Tallahassee, FL – Americans for Prosperity-Florida (AFP-FL) today praised the Senate Health Policy Committee for passing SJR 340, a bill by state Senator Manny Diaz that would require a supermajority vote by the legislature to enact a single payer health care system.

AFP-FL State Director Skylar Zander issued the following statement:

“Aspects of our health care system need improvement, but a complete government takeover would be a terrible mistake. This bill recognizes that legislators need to protect our state from threats of more government intervention in our health care that would increase costs on taxpayers and make it harder for Floridians to access a variety of quality health care options that best meet their needs. This bill serves as a blueprint for the rest of the country to ensure we don’t take control of health care away from patients and caregivers. Instead of more barriers and restrictions on health care, Florida should pass a personal option that reduces costs and puts people in control of their care.”


COVID-19 exposed a tragic reality: our health care system is undermined by too much bureaucracy and red tape that prevents doctors, nurses, and medical researchers from helping people. AFP believes lawmakers should take a different approach than more government intervention in the health care system, and focus on removing barriers to innovation in our health care system and empower health care professionals to save more lives. In addition, AFP encourages lawmakers to pass a Personal Option that keeps what people like about their health care and fixes the parts of the system that aren’t working.