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Americans for Prosperity – Kentucky Issues Statement on Disappointing Health Services Committee Vote on HB 204, Urges Action on Certificate of Need Reforms

Mar 21, 2024 by AFP

FRANKFORT, KY – Following the House Health Services Committee voting to block HB 204 in a disappointing vote of 13-3, Americans for Prosperity – Kentucky (AFP-KY) is urging lawmakers to work on reforms to repeal burdensome Certificate of Need (CON) laws and put Kentuckians first.

AFP-KY State Director Heather LeMire released the following statement:

“While today’s vote is disappointing and not what we wanted, we appreciate the opportunity to be heard by the committee on this vital piece of legislation. HB 204, along with other Certificate of Need bills sponsored by Rep. Marianne Proctor (District 60) this legislative session, is vital to repealing Kentucky’s burdensome Certificate of Need process. We also thank Reps. Felicia Rabourn, Emily Callaway, and Ryan Dotson for standing up for patients across Kentucky by voting to advance HB 204 in committee.

“Now it’s incumbent on the committee members to go back to the table and work on getting important health care reforms, like repeal of CON, across the finish line. We look forward to working with the committee to ensure all Kentuckians have access to quality health care.”


AFP-KY has been a leader in calling for CON reform. In January, AFP-KY thanked Rep. Marianne Proctor for introducing three bills, including HB 204, that would repeal CON laws in Kentucky. In February, AFP-KY hosted a rally at the State Capitol with lawmakers and grassroots activists urging swift action on these bills. Last week, AFP-KY State Director Heather LeMire had an op-ed in LINK nky highlighting why CON laws should be repealed.