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AFP Applauds Pivotal Criminal Justice Reforms 

Mar 8, 2019 by AFP

CHARLESTON, WV— Americans for Prosperity-West Virginia (AFP-WV) today applauded the West Virginia legislature for their action on two important criminal justice reform bills. Throughout the 2019 legislative session the organization has continually highlighted the need for criminal justice reforms in the Mountain State, based on the reconditions made in AFP-WV’s Pathway to Prosperity agenda.

Today, AFP-WV applauds the legislative actions taken on:

  • SB 152 which allows for individuals to seek expungement for some non-violent crimes;
  • HB 2486 which keeps licensure boards from denying individuals a license just based on a previous criminal conviction, unless said conviction relates to the job in question.

AFP-WV State Director Jason Huffman issued the following statement:

“We’re excited to see lawmakers come together in broad bipartisan agreement to improve outdated and ineffective criminal justice policies. All West Virginians are capable of redemption and these legislative victories make our communities safer by removing unnecessary barriers to individuals fulfilling their potential. We look forward to continuing to work on smart criminal justice reforms that help people get a second chance, respect due process rights, and deliver equal justice to everyone under the law.”


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West Virginia Metro News covered AFP-WV’s criminal justice reform efforts in January: Conservative advocacy group supports criminal justice reform efforts

Americans for Prosperity played a pivotal role in passing landmark, federal criminal justice reform at the end of 2018 with the passage of the First Step Act.

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