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Make Mississippi the Opportunity State

Americans for Prosperity-Mississippi’s agenda, Make Mississippi The Opportunity State, shows how lawmakers can roll back the bureaucracy and favoritism that keep us in last place so every Mississippi family can pursue the American Dream.

Decades-old Mississippi laws protect the insiders who reap benefits from the government while you—the outsiders—shoulder the cost. Ending this favoritism will give Mississippians better quality health care, more educational opportunities, lower taxes, and a more vibrant economy. Recent state leadership has made strides to improve these areas, now it’s time to pick up the pace. Your future depends on it.

AFP-Mississippi advocates policies that will create freedom and opportunity for all. Let’s Make Mississippi the Opportunity State.


To make Mississippi the Opportunity State, give every student access to the education that meets their unique needs. Reform our one-size-fits-all approach to public education and give local schools the freedom to innovate. Free up our educators so that they can focus on students rather than devoting time to excessive bureaucratic requirements. Cut regulations that prevent schools from leveraging modern technology and new ways to deliver education. Create an environment for a variety of educational options to thrive so families can access the traditional public, private, or home school that meets their needs.


Making Mississippi the Opportunity State requires repealing unnecessary regulations that block health care access. Mississippians struggle to access care, in part, because local providers cannot expand their practice or offer new services until they overcome outdated regulations. Give health care professionals—such as nurse practitioners—full practice authority so they serve you to the full extent of their training. Repeal Certificate of Need (CON) laws so providers can compete for your business. Technology can bridge great distances and get underserved Mississippians needed care through telehealth, but our regulations must catch up to today’s technology to permit innovation. Keep regulators off the backs of Direct Primary Care providers who care for you without interference from insurance companies. These changes will give you access to better care at lower cost.


To make Mississippi the Opportunity State, we must rein in taxes and spending so you can keep more of what you earn and provide a better climate for businesses to prosper. Prioritize government spending instead of raising taxes. Instead of raising the gas tax, reform transportation spending. Instead of expanding Medicaid, repeal outdated regulations that prevent providers from competing to offer you the best care at the lowest cost.


To make Mississippi the Opportunity State, we must champion second chances. Mississippi has a higher incarceration rate than 47 other states. Focus resources on incarcerating those who pose a real threat to society, rather than those who commit low-level offenses that do not impact public safety. Reform probation and parole to prevent reincarceration for technical violations.


Open exchange of ideas drives the innovation and progress that create opportunity. Mississippi’s colleges and universities are uniquely positioned to provide an environment that allows students to do just that—engage with each other and a diversity of ideas. We support the FORUM Act to protect free speech on campus.

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