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Educational Opportunity for All in Utah

Every Child Has a Unique Potential to Succeed. Our System Should Reflect That.

We believe in education reform that empowers families and recognizes that every child is unique. By updating and innovating, we can help every student learn and unlock their full potential.

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The top-down standardized model of K-12 education is no longer working for our students or their parents. That’s why we need to transition education away from this obsolete method and focus on a more individualized approach.

Public education shouldn’t be one-size-fits-all. All students in Utah—no matter their background or zip code—should have access to a quality education that meets their needs.

We trust parents and students to make decisions about their education. Americans for Prosperity believes that presenting more educational options will lead our students to discover the subjects that match their interests and help them to develop a mastery of skills in those areas.

Expanding education options will help students be more competitive. Providing additional and alternative methods for learning means that all of Utah’s students can receive a quality education that prepares them for the future.


Utah Has a $7 Billion Education Budget

Our state spends an average of about $10,000 per student on education. With a total education budget nearing $7 billion, it’s the single largest budget in the state.

Studies show that expanding education options helps to:

How Educational Savings Accounts Actually Help Local School Districts


Pass the Hope Scholarship Bill

There are many ideas on how to improve education in Utah. The Hope Scholarship Bill, debated in the 2022 state legislature, would allow families who choose to leave the public school system to receive a portion of the state funding allocated for their child’s education.

If this legislation is passed, parents could receive anywhere from $3,000-$8,000 per year in an Education Savings Account (ESA) to put toward learning expenses such as tutoring, education pods, online programs, private schools, and homeschooling costs. A program like this would empower families to select a different education path to better fit their child’s needs.

Give our students hope with more education options!

Support Education Savings Accounts and the Hope Scholarship Bill.

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The rapidly changing environment for education, in large part due to the COVID-19 pandemic, has created a greater demand for non-traditional models than ever before. We need to transform our thinking and approach to how Utah’s students learn. More education options create greater opportunities for students to discover, build, and apply their interests. Our community strives to help parents, students, and educators be the driving force behind the change we seek to implement in Utah’s education system.

Parents should be empowered to customize their child’s education to match their unique learning needs. Parents are best positioned to advocate for their children. We need people like you to help inspire further transformation in education.

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Education should encourage students to learn about themselves and develop their interests.

  1. Education should be individualized. Each person learns differently; therefore, the way we teach our students should create an environment that empowers them to harness their unique potential throughout their lives.
  2. Students and families should be trusted to make decisions about their education. You should have a say in what, where, and how your children learn.
  3. Every student deserves a fair shot. All students—regardless of their zip code or income level—should have equal access to education on equal terms.
  4. Learning environments should reflect the world we live in. We live in a culturally rich society, and we support an environment that offers a breadth of educational opportunities for our children.
  5. Parents understand what their children need. Our families deserve the ability to make a selection as to which educational environment fits their student’s learning style.

Education Should Enable Our Students To:


We believe every person has unique gifts that enable them to realize their American dream. This amazing potential of every individual to contribute to society is why we elevate the voices of grassroots activists in all 50 states who want to achieve policy reforms that open opportunities for all.

Our dedicated staff and passionate grassroots activists come from all different backgrounds and walks of life. What unites us is a steadfast belief in the power of the individual. We join together to tackle our country’s biggest challenges, and we’re committed to working with anyone to get good things done.


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Americans for Prosperity-Utah is calling on all grade 5-12 students residing in Utah, and their parents, to record a two-minute video that outlines a problem in education and the idea for solving it. This is your chance to convince your legislators how to enhance the educational experience for students all across the state.

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