The Big W: New Hampshire stops government interference in entitlement legislation

May 1, 2018 by AFP

Your weekly round-up of the major wins making headlines thanks to AFP’s grassroots activists across the country (April 23 – April 27) 

What it is: The New Hampshire Senate supported an interim study for HB 628, a bill that would have created new entitlement requirements for private businesses. This action effectively kills the bill, which would have been funded by an income tax on New Hampshire workers.

Why it’s important: The free market is the best solution for offering compensation packages that fit the needs of employers and workers, not government mandates. Allowing businesses the flexibility to design their own compensation packages protects taxpayers and preserves limited government and economic freedom in New Hampshire.

The Grassroots impact: Activists in New Hampshire strongly opposed this measure. Americans for Prosperity launched a digital campaign thanking Gov. Sununu for opposing the bill, and activists around the states reached out to the governor to voice their opposition to more government interference.

Prosperity produced: Limited government has been preserved through killing this increase in entitlement program spending. New Hampshire taxpayers are also protected from an income tax to fund this government-mandated program. New Hampshire lives up to its motto to live free!

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