Prosperity Is Possible throws a curveball, tailgates with fans outside Philadelphia Phillies game.

Prosperity Is Possible throws a curveball, tailgates with fans outside Philadelphia Phillies game

Aug 9, 2023 by AFP

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania witnessed a game-changing event as Americans for Prosperity’s national campaign tour, Prosperity is Possible, hit it out of the park at the Phillies’ showdown against the Washington Nationals.

Amidst the excitement of the game, this event allowed us to engage attendees in a conversation about the curveball of rising costs and inflation. Free hotdogs, served up by AFP, served as both a tasty treat and a conversation starter.

The tailgating event just outside the baseball stadium provided the ideal field for crucial economic discussions.

As fans savored their free hotdogs, they also savored the opportunity to discuss the economy’s playing field. Attendees exchanged stories about the squeeze from the increasing costs of goods and the impact of inflation on their financial game plan.

At the core of this event was Americans for Prosperity’s commitment to championing economic freedom. The relaxed atmosphere allowed for candid conversations, highlighting the need for a strong strategy that supports prosperity and addresses the curveballs faced by ordinary Americans.

Philadelphia Phillies fans tailgate with the Prosperity Is Possible tour, where they discussed inflation, the economy, jobs, and other urgent issues.

As the game’s action unfolded on the diamond, the backdrop of conversations about the economy served as a reminder that these discussions matter as much as the plays on the field.

As Americans for Prosperity continues its Prosperity is Possible campaign, this tailgate event exemplifies the organization’s knack for meeting people where they are—whether in the stands or at the grocery store.

A statue of Philadelphia Phillies legend Mike Schmidt outside Citizens Bank Park, where the Prosperity Is Possible tour stopped to tailgate with fans.

By delivering conversations about economic freedom in a manner as accessible as a ballpark hotdog, the organization ensures that everyone gets in on the action for a more prosperous future.

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