AFP-IL Calls Out “Bidenomics” Failures Ahead of Biden’s Chicago Visit

May 8, 2024 by AFP

CHICAGO, IL – President Joe Biden is in Chicago today, campaigning on his disastrous economic record ahead of the city hosting the Democratic National Convention (DNC) this summer.

 Americans for Prosperity – Illinois State Director Jason Heffley released the following statement:

“If Biden is campaigning on his record, he must acknowledge his failure to deliver economic relief to Illinois. Instead, years of his disastrous ‘Bidenomics’ policies have been detrimental to hardworking families, leaving many struggling to afford the rising costs of gas and groceries.

“While the President and his party prepare to celebrate the Democratic platform at the DNC this August, this is the message they need to own: ‘Bidenomics’ is bad for the economy.”

Additionally, AFP’s ongoing Prosperity Is Possible campaign is embarking on a six-month tour across the country to share how to lower inflation, make energy affordable and create more jobs for hardworking Americans. AFP will bring a new message to Chicago’s United Center, the location for the upcoming DNC, and to several other stops on Thursday.