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ICYMI: Let’s build a more resilient economy that works for all

May 27, 2020 by AFP

Arlington, Va.Americans for Prosperity President Tim Phillips wrote an op-ed published by Newsweek today on how to help the economy recover stronger.


Read the entire article here.


Below are excerpts from the piece:

Like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi suggested, let’s think big.


That does not mean doubling down on the kinds of barriers that impeded the response to COVID-19 at virtually every turn, or $3 trillion in more spending to bail out decades of irresponsible decisions. It means responding to the economic and health crises we face now—and those we will face in the future—by building a more innovative, more diverse and more resilient economy.

Right now, the focus should be on clearing the way for people and businesses to safely and efficiently deliver goods and services as soon they are able to do so.

Economic growth and our ability to respond quickly to changed circumstances are stymied by hundreds upon hundreds of such restrictions that bar the way for workers in fields ranging from barbers to bartenders, from locksmiths to taxidermists, affecting every corner of our economy and reaching far beyond the pandemic response.

What the crisis has shown is that employers and employees are infinitely innovative and adaptable—if pointless rules and regulations don’t get in their way.


President Donald Trump has taken a good first step by issuing an executive order that will encourage federal agencies to permanently rescind rules waived in the wake of COVID-19. Beyond that, occupational licensing reforms and other measures to eliminate barriers to growth in independent contracting and the gig economy would foster an even more resilient workforce, able to adapt quickly to changed circumstances.

In Washington, any commitment to long-term reform requires that we get our fiscal house in order.


Immediately, that means not bailing out years, and even decades, of bad decisions by state politicians, who are looking to exploit the pandemic to get taxpayers to paper over their profligacy.

America will recover from this crisis, but we ought to aim higher than simple recovery. How our country chooses to respond in the aftermath of COVID-19 will shape our economy for decades to come.


We choose the road less traveled. That means avoiding the path of more restrictions, more corporate welfare and more debt. Instead, let’s create an economic engine that fosters innovation, develops new and diverse opportunities for people to improve their lives and ensures we can respond quickly and effectively to future crises.


Read the entire article here.



Recently, Americans for Prosperity released, Recover Stronger: A Starting Point to Build An Economy that Works for All, a set of principles and recommendations that offer lawmakers a starting point to build a stronger economy as the country recovers from COVID-19. As Congress considers additional massive spending bills, the guidance is intended to present better alternatives to help the economy recover – and ultimately create a new, stronger economy.