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Former history teacher takes on grassroots leadership to empower families with school choice.

Former history teacher takes on grassroots leadership to empower families with school choice

Aug 9, 2023 by AFP

When Cindy Nick, a former 8th-grade history teacher, first connected with Americans for Prosperity, she was looking for a place to continue her mission of promoting civic engagement and policy advocacy.  

Her career in education always involved inspiring her students to become world changers and history makers. Retirement may have ended her tenure as an educator, but it didn’t quell her passion for change. 

Introduced to AFP through a friend, Cindy began as a volunteer in the Grassroots Leadership Academy. Balancing her family life, she later chose a role as a part-time grassroots coordinator, where she worked on the East Texas Community Newsletter, engaged with people at local events and organized her community to help them understand their why.  

Cindy likes AFP because it gives people a sense of belonging. She noticed that many new people moving to her area needed a place where they could feel like part of a community. AFP was the perfect place because they focus on helping people, not just politics. 

Cindy cares about educational savings accounts because she saw how hard it was to find the right school for her two kids. To her, ESAs are about empowering parents with the ability to choose the best educational options for their children. “I believe that while public schools serve some students well, other students need something that their public school can’t offer,” she said.  

Cindy has done a lot of work to support ESAs. She’s brought in volunteers, led talks about school choice, and even helped people speak at the state capital about ESAs.  

“Americans for Prosperity has given me a place to use my voice, the tools to do so, and the inspiration to bring along others who share the vision of freedom and liberty in our community, our state and our nation.”