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surpreme court with people walking up the steps

Americans for Prosperity Fighting for the Rule of Law at Every Level of the Courts

Feb 8, 2018 by AFP

Our country’s courts play an essential role in protecting the freedoms and rights we hold dear, so it’s essential that we have judges who adhere to the rule of law and uphold the Constitution.

That’s why Americans for Prosperity recently announced a new initiative to lay the groundwork for the next Supreme Court justice and to ensure the many lower court vacancies are filled with principled judges.

More than 170 judicial positions around the country remain vacant, and it’s imperative these positions are filled quickly.

Americans for Prosperity has hired Sarah Field, the former deputy director for state courts at the Federalist Society, as vice president of judicial strategy. Over the next year and beyond, we will be working with our activist base around the country to build on the success of Justice Neil Gorsuch’s Supreme Court confirmation.

After Justice Gorsuch was nominated, our grassroots partner Concerned Veterans for America and their activists made more than half a million calls to fellow citizens urging them to contact their lawmakers and tell them to support Justice Gorsuch’s confirmation.

“We saw last year how passionate Americans are about ensuring fair and qualified judges are confirmed – they know that at its core, this fight is about protecting the rule of law,” Field said. “This year, we will mobilize our activists as needed, particularly when members of the Senate choose to needlessly obstruct the confirmation process.”

Americans for Prosperity and our activists will educate friends and neighbors about the importance of judges who uphold the rule of law by hosting events, making calls and running ads.

“When the next vacancy opens on the Supreme Court, we will be ready,” Field said.