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Americans for Prosperity Foundation releases summary of engagement for Supreme Court October 2022 term

Jul 13, 2023 by AFPF

Arlington, VA – Americans for Prosperity Foundation today released a report of its amicus engagement during the October 2022 Supreme Court term.  AFPF Chief Policy Counsel James Valvo said: 

“This term the Supreme Court reiterated that government cannot compel speech, that the President cannot usurp Congress’s power of the purse to forgive student loans, that agencies cannot expand statutory language to erase property rights, that independent agencies cannot evade judicial review by trapping people in so-called administrative courts, and that states cannot steal citizens’ surplus home equity after satisfying a debt.  All of these decisions had one thing in common: they restored or policed the proper balance between government power and individual liberty.  We applaud the Court for its decisions and are proud to have contributed amicus briefs in support of these cases.” 

AFPF wrote eight amicus briefs on the merits, resulting in eight wins.  It also supported seven cases on petitions for cert, leading to two grants.  AFPF looks forward to continued engagement with the Court in the upcoming term. 

Read the full report. 

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All of AFPF’s amicus briefs are available here.