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Rep. Havard Next Taker, AFP-LA Begins Phase 2

Jun 15, 2018 by AFP

BATON ROUGE, La. – Americans for Prosperity-Louisiana (AFP-LA) unveiled Rep. Kenny Havard Friday as the next member of the Taker’s Dozen, the now-infamous group of lawmakers being held accountable for their votes to raise taxes on Louisianans to fund frivolous government spending. Rep. Havard has earned his spot by voting to raise the sales tax in 2016, renewing the expiring sales tax in the recent special session, and voting to raise taxes on small business.

AFP-LA’s local activists will initiate Phase Two of the accountability campaign and start going door to door Friday in the districts of Taker’s Dozen members Rep. Havard, Rep. Stokes, and Rep. Abraham, informing constituents of their votes to raise taxes.

“Since 2012, Rep. Havard has embraced the tax and spend culture of Baton Rouge,” said AFP-LA State Director John Kay. “His consistent votes to raise the sales tax and saddle small business with even more taxes makes him a shoe-in to join his colleagues in the Taker’s Dozen. Rep. Havard will have to answer for why he voted to raise tax on families and local businesses.”