Reject Bailouts Social Media Toolkit

Americans for Prosperity needs your help. Your voice is critical to ensuring that we stop Congress from passing bailouts and other bad deals as part of its response to the pandemic.

Can we count on your help? Keep scrolling to get the tools you need to post on social media.

First Things First...

If you haven’t already emailed & tweeted directly at your lawmaker, use these tools to take that action now, and then come back to check out the other tools we have for posting on your social media!

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Tweet my Lawmakers

What Should You Include When Posting?

When posting on social media about this effort, here are the things to do:

1. Use the hashtag #RejectBailouts
2. Include the website for others to take action and email their lawmaker:
3. Use one of the key talking points from below.
4. Use one of the graphics from below.
5. Tag your lawmakers when you post.

Key Talking Points

Use these key talking points when making your captions for social media:

– $1 trillion of pandemic relief already passed by Washington remains unspent, so why is President Biden pushing for another $2 trillion? To pay for a partisan wish list of items that fail to end the pandemic or help the economy recover stronger.

– The $1.9 trillion spending deal includes $350 billion of bailouts for reckless state and local governments.

– The $1.9 trillion spending deal will double the costs of hiring workers for small businesses already struggling to succeed, eliminating jobs

– This deal will bail out insurance companies and grow Washington’s control over your health care.

– The $1.9 trillion proposal isn’t relief to those who need it – it’s a wasteful, partisan wish list of unrelated items that will do nothing to end the pandemic or help the economy recover stronger.

– Any COVID relief spending during these extraordinary times should be timely, temporary, and targeted to those hit hardest by the pandemic.

Graphics to Use

Use the instructions below to save these images to your phone or computer, so you can use them when posting on social media!

– On Desktop: Right-click the image to save to your computer.
– On Mobile Phone: Click and hold the image and then add to your photo library.