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Red Tape to Come Under Review in Tallahassee

Jan 16, 2020 by AFP

AFP-FL supports measure that ensures regulations protect public safety, removes barriers

Tallahassee, FL – Americans for Prosperity-Florida (AFP-FL) today applauds members of the  Florida House Commerce Committee for advancing a measure, H.B. 707 by Representative Paul Renner, that would require that  occupational licenses undergo review to ensure these regulations meet their purpose of providing for public safety without creating overly burdensome restrictions. Occupational licenses are government “permission slips” that many Florida workers must obtain to find meaningful employment.


AFP-FL supports reforming occupational licensing laws to reduce barriers to job entry, help workers save valuable time and resources, and accelerate their ability to achieve their full potential. 


“Floridians shouldn’t be held back by their government,” said AFP-FL state director, Skylar Zander. “Lawmakers should focus on removing unnecessary barriers so more people can find meaningful work. We appreciate Rep. Paul Renner for bringing H.B. 707 forward, applaud the members of the Commerce Committee for advancing the bill , and call on all Florida lawmakers to come together to reform our occupational licensing laws.” 



2020 Year of Reckoning for Red Tape

Americans for Prosperity-Florida lauds lawmakers ‘fighting to cut red tape’


According to a national study by the Institute for Justice, “Florida is one of the worst states in the nation for occupational licensing. It licenses 56 of the 102 lower-income occupations studied here, and its licensing laws rank as the fifth most burdensome. On average, they require $318 in fees, 693 days of education and experience, and around one exam. Because it licenses fewer occupations than states with similarly high burdens, Florida ranks as the 21st most widely and onerously licensed state.