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Many Lawmakers Believe South Carolinians Should Be Innocent Until Proven Guilty

Oct 30, 2019 by AFP

Grassroots group encourages lawmakers to protect property rights, due process

CHARLESTON, SC – Following a House Asset Forfeiture Policy Study Committee that examined a bill that would mostly diminish the practice of civil asset forfeiture and rightfully replace this unjust practice with criminal forfeiture, Americans for Prosperity-South Carolina State Director Andrew Yates issued the following statement:

“Lawmakers across the political spectrum recognize our civil asset forfeiture laws need to be reformed in order to protect South Carolinians’ due process and property rights. For too long, our civil asset forfeiture laws have flipped the presumption of innocence on its head – forcing people to prove their innocence to the government to keep their own property. We’re excited to work on this bipartisan issue with lawmakers and members of our communities to ensure our forfeiture laws align with our Constitution. We encourage lawmakers to continue their work on this important issue and eliminate civil asset forfeiture.”


Civil Asset Forfeiture Ruling a Win for Property Rights, Due Process, 10/16/19

Americans for Prosperity is hosting an upcoming event in Taylors that will educate people on civil asset forfeiture and how people can work to protect innocent people from losing their property.

The Institute for Justice gave South Carolina a D- for its civil asset forfeiture laws, ranking among the worst in the nation.