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Letter Urging Lawmakers to Repeal Graduated Income Tax Constitutional Amendment Signed by Businesses, Employers, Farmers and Taxpayers

May 19, 2020 by AFP

A broad coalition of organizations representing small businesses, employers, farmers and taxpayers across Illinois sent a letter calling on the legislature to repeal Senate Joint Resolution Constitutional Amendment 1, which impose a graduated income tax scheme on Illinois.

Article XIV §2(a) of the Illinois constitution specifically allows for this action by allowing for a proposed amendment to be “withdrawn by a vote of a majority of the members elected to each house.”

Americans for Prosperity State Director Andrew Nelms released the following statement:

“Illinois faced considerable challenges before the COVID-19 pandemic drove us all indoors and caused massive layoffs. Those challenges are now even more dire. More than one million Illinoisans have filed initial unemployment claims since March 1st and over 160,000 loans to employers have been granted through the CARES Act.

“A graduated income tax would give the legislature broad powers to raise taxes on small businesses – the economic driver of our economy. Illinois job creators cannot withstand another economic blow as they struggle to reopen their doors and provide a livelihood for their employees. Illinois lawmakers must repeal this amendment.”

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