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ICYMI: AFP Shows Opposition to Washington’s $4.7 Trillion Infrastructure Bills During Biden’s Visit to Denver

Sep 15, 2021 by AFP

DENVER – Americans for Prosperity-Colorado (AFP-CO) activists lined the road outside the National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s Arvada Campus, where President Biden delivered remarks yesterday concerning the so-called Bipartisan “Infrastructure” Deal and the reconciliation package. Activists held signs urging the president to “Stop the Spending Spree” as part of AFP’s nationwide End Washington Waste campaign.

AFP-CO State Director Jesse Mallory issued the following statement:

“Increasing taxes on hardworking Americans is not how you go about strengthening our nation’s infrastructure. Modernizing our infrastructure through California-style mandates will only increase energy prices for families, making it harder for them to keep a roof over their heads and invest in their futures.”

“AFP activists in the Centennial State and across the country will continue to send a clear message to Washington, just as Coloradans sent the clear message to Denver lawmakers concerning the gas tax increase. This plan is out of step with the American people, and the financial toll will be felt for generations to come.”