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Florida Becomes First Southern State to Repeal Health Care Barrier

Jun 26, 2019 by AFP

AFP-FL applauds Governor for signing ‘certificate of need’ repeal and telehealth

Tallahassee, FL – Americans for Prosperity-Florida, the state’s leading grassroots advocate for improving access to quality health care, is applauding Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for signing two critical pieces of health care legislation: telehealth and the repeal of certificate of need (CON).

The repeal of CON laws will allow health care providers to care for Florida patients without needing to jump through burdensome regulatory hoops. Expanding telehealth will give patients even more access to the medical providers of their choice.

AFP-FL State Director, Skylar Zander released the following statement:

“Florida is taking a free-market approach to expand choice and access in response to rising healthcare costs. As unnecessary barriers, CON laws, have prevented health care practitioners from providing services to our communities. We applaud Gov. DeSantis for taking swift action to approve critical health care legislation. AFP-FL will continue educating our activists and lawmakers about the importance and impact of commonsense health care policies that will increase access and lower costs.”

AFP-FL launched robust digital and direct-mail campaigns to educate Floridians about how reducing barriers for health care providers will reduce cost and increase access to care.

AFP-FL activists made over 85,000 contacts throughout the 2019 legislative session, advocating for commonsense health care reforms, such as certificate of need repeal, telehealth and ambulatory surgical center reforms.