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As Congress Resumes Legislative Activity in Washington, Americans for Prosperity Applauds Rep. Kind’s Principled Rhetoric, Encourages His Leadership on Infrastructure

Sep 1, 2021 by AFP

Madison, WI – Americans for Prosperity Wisconsin (AFP-WI) today announced its efforts to applaud Rep. Kind Ron (WI-03) for his principled rhetoric calling to End Washington Waste. Weeks prior, Rep. Kind announced he would not seek re-election and included major concerns with Washington leaving a legacy of debt for Wisconsinites for generations to come. To highlight his noble commentary, AFP-WI launched a digital campaign applauding Kind and encouraging his leadership on Washington’s wasteful “infrastructure” proposals currently up for debate.

The grassroots organization announced its renewed investment in opposing the Biden-Sanders $4.7 trillion “infrastructure” proposals during the August recess and the continuation of which we’re seeing today. The investment included a robust wave of radio ads, direct mail, and digital advertisements across Rep. Kind’s district.

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AFP-WI State Director Eric Bott issued the following statement:

“Rep. Kind recently called himself one of the more fiscally responsible members on Congress – acknowledging the need for ‘a level playing field for our farmers, manufacturers, and workers,’ stating ‘we cannot leave a legacy of debt for our children and grandchildren.’ We encourage him to stick to his word and combat Washington’s out of control spending that benefits special interests over Wisconsin families. While he may not be seeking re-election, he is perfectly positioned to show he really means what he says by standing up against these proposals.”


Earlier this year, AFP launched a seven-figure campaign, called “End Washington Waste: Stop the Spending Spree,” that connects Americans with the harms of the proposal while leveraging the full weight of the grassroots group’s capabilities to drive opposition to President Biden’s $4 trillion infrastructure proposal.

This new effort highlights the harmful effects the two “infrastructure” proposals – President Biden’s $1.2 trillion so-called Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework and Sen. Sanders’ $3.5 trillion “infrastructure” reconciliation package.