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Americans for Prosperity Highlights Potential of Criminal Justice Reform Through Direct Mail Campaign

Apr 29, 2019 by AFP

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Americans for Prosperity-Missouri (AFP-MO) on Monday launched a direct mail campaign encouraging Missourians to call their representatives and ask they support HCB 2, Missouri’s First Step Act. The reforms in the bill will save taxpayer dollars, decrease the crime rate and help those looking for a new start at life.

The mail campaign, focused on increasing support for commonsense criminal justice reform in Missouri, is a part of a national six-figure effort highlighting key progress across 10 states, including Missouri, and comes as the nation recognizes Second Chance Month.

AFP-MO state director, Jeremy Cady released the following statement:

“Our state needs to follow President Trump’s lead and address common sense reforms that many Missourians support. Missouri’s First Step Act will help law enforcement prioritize public safety while giving people returning home from prison the tools needed to move on from their past mistakes.

“Our grassroots outreach on the issues shows there is a lot of support from Missourians on both sides of the political spectrum. Our goal of this campaign is to show legislators just how much support from their constituents this bill has and why it’s the right thing to do. As National Second Chance Month comes to a close, we can’t miss this opportunity to make our state safer and provide more opportunity for those looking to lead a better life.”


HCB 2, being considered in the House, would reform sentencing and mandatory minimums, ensure incarcerated pregnant women and elderly inmates get adequate care, and reform how fines and fees are levied on individuals, so they don’t compound bad behavior. It also would:

  • Increase transparency and build trust between law enforcement and communities
  • Increase access to work for formerly incarcerated individuals
  • Ensure both female and elderly inmates are treated with more dignity
  • Remove incentives for law enforcement to seize private property from innocent people.

The reforms come on the heels of President Donald Trump signing into law the First Step Act, which AFP proudly stands behind and is working to implement properly.